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Why we partnered with Pelvic Health & Rehabilitation Center (PHRC)?

A quick little secret…. “ I intimately fell in love with PHRC”, years ago, because they dedicate their expertise and passion, to care for patients that have life debilitating effects, that impact quality of life. With PHRC’s expertise, they not only understand the pathophysiology, causative, and risk factors for these diagnosis, but they understand the “whole person” psychosocially, and intimately. This mirrors the relationships that I strive to have with my patients, offering a holistic, integrative approach to medicine. It is my belief ‘That lifestyle is truly the most powerful medicine, and must be the driving force that empowers better healthcare.”

Diagnosis like pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, post-partum pelvic pain, and other pelvic floor dysfunction symptoms, impacts not only quality of these patients lives, but their intimate relationships with themselves and others.

I have chosen to partner and collaborate with PHRC because they truly align with not only Innovative Wellness’s mission and vison, but provide a level of care, that patients need as a multi-disciplinary approach to their overall health and wellness. With Innovative Wellness and PHRC collaborating together, we will be able to offer a strong unified level of care to promote optimal quality of life.

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