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Coaching and Counseling for Sexual Health in Walnut Creek

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Our Sexual Health is so important for so many reasons!! 

Health Benefits that have been researched and proven due to sexual activity include: 




Men who have sex 2+/week cut their risk of an acute MI in half.

Weight loss



30 minutes of sex burns 85 calories

Boosts immune system

Regular sex increases serum immunoglobulin A, which reduces the risk of colds and flu.

Improved sleep hygiene

Sex relaxes and promotes deeper, more restful sleep

Strengthens pelvic floor muscles

Women who perform Kegel exercises during sex reduce their future risk of urine incontinence.

Reduces pain and increases pain tolerance

The effect is attributed to increased oxytocin levels, which alleviate arthritic and menstrual pain.

Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Men who have 5+ ejaculations/week have a lower risk of prostate cancer in later life.

Stress reduction




Endophins released during and after sex create a sense of euphoria, and reduce stress and blood pressure.

Segen's Medical Dictionary. © 2012 Farlex, Inc. All rights reserved

How Innovative Wellness Can Help You

Rachael Cabreira FNP-C has dedicated a greater part of her career as a certified clinician in sexual health in Walnut Creek. Her broad knowledge, and clinical expertise in female and male sexuality, have become a part of providing the ability to offer not only clinical evaluation with developing an individual treatment plan, and coaching, but also counseling to fulfill the needs of optimal success and quality of life. She offers short-term solutions-focused sexual therapy, with a health coaching approach to optimize wellbeing and enhance quality of life. 

I believe that you don’t have to actually have a problem to go to sexual health counseling.

Sometimes as we go through life, and our bodies go through changes, and we need to rekindle, rejuvenate, and get to know our bodies intimately again.

When we do have concern and or issues with sexual function, it not only impacts our overall quality of life, but it impacts the relationship we have with not only ourselves, but with others.

I believe that pelvic and sexual health is a basic human right and a vital component of optimal wellness”

Rachael Cabreira, Founder and C.E.O of Innovative Wellness Inc.




  • Erectile Dysfunction/Difficulties

  • Erection dysfunction related to post proctectomy; body image

  • Low Desire and Libido

  • Premature Ejaculation

  • Sexual Adaption to partners breast cancer and other medical conditions

  • Challenges with infertility that may increase emotional challenges trying to support partner getting pregnant and strengthening support as a couple

  • Preventative and maintenance of healthy sexual function 




  • Breast Cancer Survivorship dealing with intimacy, libido, desire,  vulvovaginal atrophy, and pelvic pain

  • Chronic Pelvic pain and painful intercourse

  • Learning your body again after menopause [including vulvovaginal atrophy and painful intercourse]

  • Sexual Dysfunction [low libido, low desire, orgasm disorders]

  • Adjustment disorders secondary to medical conditions

  • Sexual Adaption with coping with partners disease, including prostate cancers, and other medical conditions

  • Preventative and maintenance of healthy sexual function

  • Postpartum adjustment 

Areas of Expertise




  • Rekindling Intimacy, and Sexual Desire

  • Sexual Health and Cancer

  • Coping with Partner’s Disease

  • Geriatric Sexual Health and Intimacy

  • Sexual changes due to aging

  • Sexual Self-Esteem Concerns [including performance and body image]

  • Relationship problems due to sexual issues

  • Couples Post Partum Adjustment

  • Couples coaching support going through Infertility 

  • Couples coaching after dealing with a miscarriage 

Let's Get Started

Unlock the taboo conversation! 


The best place to start is scheduling a consultation with Rachael Cabreira FNP-C, a Certified Sexual Health Clinician. Together, we will not only address the root cause, but we will develop a personalized multi-disciplinary plan to treat and optimize your intimate health and wellness.  Sex and relationship coaching are key, and unlocking the taboo conversation is a priority.  We want to help you have a healthy sex life, which not only is a part of being a human being but is the other “heartbeat” of your body, connecting your mind, body, and spirit! 



A must have for every woman’s intimate skin health

Innovative Wellness INC. ANC has collaborated and partnered with medical affiliates to offer a comprehensive multi-disciplinary approach to to offer options and resources for improving interest and pleasure with Sexual Health in Walnut Creek, and ultimately the quality of your life…for both women and men

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