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Creating a different way to approach Women’s Health Wellness

“We need to change our health focus from Lifespan to Health-Span.”

Women’s Wellness Health Exam

Women have long been underserved in the healthcare industry, and it is time for innovative healthcare solutions for women to come to the forefront.  It's time to establish women’s healthcare in conversations that are not just spoken in the provider's office or home, we need to extend the cultural shift to “national awareness”.  

From cardiovascular risk factors, osteoporosis, to breast cancer prevention, fertility, and mental health to hormone changes over a woman’s life span, we need to change our focus to thinking of it as “health span wellness” … How can we stay healthier longer... what does 10, 20, 30 years look like for you in the future!

Despite women being over half the population worldwide, women’s health has been largely under-studied and underrepresented in medicine, which extends to the clinical setting.

The stats are interesting, just to list a few below:

  • Women die at higher rates than men from heart attacks and strokes

  • 80% of autoimmune cases are women

  • Women are more than three times more likely to experience mental health issues

  • Women in menopause are more at risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and dementia

  • The amazing thing is that 70%-90% of chronic conditions can be preventable through lifestyle changes!

We need to have discussions with our patients about gut health, breast health, vaginal and pelvic health, immune health, hormone health, nutrition, daily movement, and mental health. It all is full circle and it all matters.  It's creating a healthy lifestyle that supports us and allows us to live healthy and happy lives. 
Women require special attention, and prevention is the key.  


Women’s health is not just a niche in the market, it's more than reproductive years and maternal.  It is about addressing health disparities and creating opportunities to improve the lives and livelihoods of women, with positive effects that extend to society as a whole. 

Elderly Woman at Gym

Almost 25 years now, taking care of women’s hormone health over their lifespan, Cabreira realized that we need to start sooner with the discussion about taking care of your body, with an integrative approach that helps prepare, prevent, and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is integrated into your everyday life routine. 

We not only assess breast health, and pelvic health, which normally is what is in a typical well-woman exam, but we are further looking at brain health, cardiovascular health, hormone health, weight wellness, and gut health, lifestyle wellness exam is what it should be called because we are evaluating where you are in your lifespan, and what we need to support based on your personalized health needs. “You are your own textbook” so let’s spend some time personalizing what you need to be healthy!

Postpartum Wellness Services:

Motherhood and functioning as a new family unit can be an adjustment after having a baby. Coping with body changes and how to recover healthy weight management and lifestyle with a new baby can be challenging. We are here to help and support your most amazing next steps in your life as a mother! We help address, consult, and treat post-partum symptoms that may include:

Woman Walking Outdoors
  • Pelvic health recovery, prevention, and maintenance

  • Constipation

  • Urinary Incontinence

  • Pelvic pain

  • Pelvic pain with intercourse

  • Vaginal health

  • Sexual and intimate health after having a baby.

  • Sexual health coaching and counseling for not only yourself, but with you partner.

  • Intimate Skin Care routines

  • Weight Wellness and management

  • Healthy Eating

  • Nutritional Consults for Lactating Mothers

80%-90% of chronic disease risk is rooted in poor lifestyle decisions.

It is our fundamental belief that lifestyle is truly the most powerful medicine and must be the driving force that powers better healthcare!

We practice health care, not sick care, we focus on lifespan vs health span.

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