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Revolutionizing Women's Intimate Health and Well-Being with Cliovana

Updated: May 30

Cliovana—a groundbreaking noninvasive solution designed to enhance women's intimacy and overall well-being.

At Innovative Wellness Inc., we're excited to introduce Cliovana—a groundbreaking noninvasive solution designed to enhance women's intimacy and overall well-being. Committed to pioneering advancements in women's healthcare, we proudly offer Cliovana as a cutting-edge, safe, and effective option for our valued patients.

Women often encounter challenges related to intimacy and libido throughout various life stages, such as post-partum, peri-menopause, post-menopause, or while using birth control. Hormonal fluctuations during these periods can lead to decreased tissue sensitivity, diminished blood flow, reduced lubrication, and even mood fluctuations affecting libido. For some, painful intercourse may exacerbate these discomforts.

Cliovana presents a revolutionary solution addressing these concerns with its 100% non-invasive, needle-free, and surgery-free technology. Leveraging non-invasive sound-wave technology, previously employed in addressing male sexual dysfunction, Cliovana works to enhance sensitivity in women.

Key Benefits of Cliovana:

  • Non-invasive: Cliovana operates without the need for needles, probes, lasers, numbing creams, freezing, or surgery.

  • Natural stimulation: It encourages the body to enhance sensitivity naturally.

  • No referral required: Patients can access Cliovana treatment without the need for a referral.

  • Minimal downtime: With sessions lasting just 10 minutes each, Cliovana can be conveniently scheduled during a lunch break.

Rachael Cabreira, Founder and CEO of Innovative Wellness Inc., introduced Cliovana to our practice to align with our mission of offering a holistic, innovative approach to healthcare. Cliovana enhances arousal at the cellular level, promoting the body's natural processes, which resonates with our vision of healthcare.

"When it comes to overall physical and emotional well-being, a fulfilling intimate life is crucial at any age. While much attention has been devoted to addressing male sexual health concerns, it's important to recognize that female sexual dysfunction and dissatisfaction are equally significant," explained Rachael Cabreira, founder and CEO of Innovative Wellness Inc. "Over 45% of women have some sort of sexual dysfunction and only 15% talk to their provider. Thankfully, there's now a solution available for women to take charge of their intimate health and well-being."

To learn more about Cliovana at Innovative Wellness Inc., call us at (925) 954-8209 to schedule a consultation. Discover how Cliovana can transform your intimate health and well-being!


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