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Lifestyle, Fitness, and Nutrition

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Rachael Cabreira

A Holistic & Integrative Approach to Nutritional and Lifestyle Wellness

Release old habits, eliminate and learn how to balance eating habits, restoring your body’s natural ability to maintain healthy weight.  We look at the concept of how nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle can optimize your overall health. 

Did you know the 90% of your immune system runs through your gut! It does matter what you put in your body.

Its not a diet, it’s a lifestyle

Its not exercise, its movement

Our food philosophy:

We believe food is medicine, food is fuel.  We believe every body is individually different and only you know what works for your body.  Just because a food may seem healthy doesn’t mean that it is healthy for your individual body. Eating food should be an enjoyable experience without triggering any symptoms. Together, we want to figure out the root cause of your symptoms and the right food for your body to allow and maintain optimal health. This goes for anyone symptoms or not. Food is the proper lifestyle to being healthy and feeling your best. 

How do we get to the root cause of your gut health? 

Every human is completely unique and requires specific nutritional considerations for optimal health. These needs are dependent on a variety of factors including genetics, diet, lifestyle and environmental influences.

We have integrated the first steps for testing gut health with the Epigenetic Biomarker Panel (EPB) from a specialty lab that is a simple and fast urinary metabolomics panel quantifying over 60 epigenetic and nutrient dependent metabolites using the gold standard of bio-analytical equipment, Liquid Chromatography with tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS). The results provide detailed information on how the body is metabolically and nutritionally balanced thereby allowing for highly specific, personalized therapeutic strategies, including personalizing what diet,  nutrients and supplements your body may need to function optimally. 

IW has developed a supplement line that has the highest-quality science-based nutrition supplements, backed by evidenced based clinical research, that provides the purest synergistic and patent formulation to partner with your nutritional and lifestyle needs for optimal health and longevity. 

​Services & Programs with a certified nutritional consultant
N u t r i t i o n a l
S e r v i c e s  I n c l u d e :
  • Nutrition Wellness Program with  testing for gut health with the Epigenetic Biomarker Panel (EPB)

  • Weight Management Program

  • Individual Nutrition Coaching and Consulting

  • 60- Minute Grocery Shopping Lesson

  • Personalized Meal Plans

  • Pantry Clean Out

  • Nutritional Consults for Lactating Mothers

  • Post- Partum Nutrition

  • Wellness Classes

  • Access to the exclusive Well World APP

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