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Mission for Innovative Wellness

Mission Statement of Innovative Wellness Inc. ANC.:

Innovative Wellness Inc. ANC is a for-profit, independent, health care nursing corporation collaborating with a multi-disciplinary team, and is committed to:

  • Excellence in delivering quality health care services to improve quality of life

  • Strive to improve the health status of our community

  • Expanding the knowledge through innovative strategies to offer a holistic, integrative, multi-disciplinary approach to health care needs

Vision Statement of Innovative Wellness Inc. ANC.:

The vision for Innovative Wellness Inc. ANC is to offer a holistic, multi-disciplinary, integrative approach of care to empower women and men, offering choices, options, and resources to enhance quality of life. IW is passionate about bringing freedom and dignity to women and men who suffer from pelvic and sexual dysfunction, and other disease processes. Through innovative and holistic options, our goal is to help optimize success of patient’s health care needs.

“Health, Vitality, and Harmony”

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